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Painting of Art Dynasty Lyssenko - Tereshenko
Russian paintings by the artists belonging to the Lyssenko-Tereshenko dynasty represent a serious intellectual investition to the treasury of the world culture. Those oil paintings that are placed in the Internet display just a minor, but selected art works by modern Russian painters-impressionists from this art dynasty.
High-quality hand painted oil paintings by the Lyssenko-Tereshenko artists are intended, first of all, for museum collections of painting, private collectors of Russian painting, interior designers of apartments, houses, offices and for galleries of visual arts.
Fine Arts museums, Russian painting collectors, visual art galleries owners, interior designers, private persons decorating their interiors with paintings and experts in fine arts, all of them find it the matter of current interest to invest in paintings and, namely, in the paintings of  Russian artists-impressionists from the Lyssenko-Tereshenko family.
You may find at the site-gallery of the Lyssenko-Tereshenko dynasty reproduction of visual arts, Russian painting-impressionism, high quality hand-painted oil paintings for museums, interiors of apartments, houses, modern offices. Additionally there is information for collectors of fine arts and for owners of visual art galleries, biographies of modern Russian highly skilled artists-impressionists, and information about exhibitions of their oil paintings. You may buy modern Russian paintings by the artists or place an order for original oil painting.
This time artists of dynasty Lyssenko-Thereshenko works on new pictures, interior frescos and exhibitions projects.
In order to get information about availability of the paintings of interest to you and about their prices or to order a painting you may write to e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


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