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Contrasts of Modernity
Speed and transcendence of life metropolis ... That are contrasts. tinum gleam of success, psychology of victory, on the other hand, some loss of connection with the word-wide life, running on the asphalt, without vision of the natural space.

The man, a living creature can not survive without the life-space, beauty, nature, moments of unhurried pace of life.
Today there are paintings of after -Italian period.

Each painting is not cold and meticulous interpretation of reality, and conveys a sense of the object. which led artist in creative exstasie. Each painting has a positive and originaly enigma, which the viewer can only guess personally for myself, or do not solve it, and get the joy and pleasure from the quiet contemplation of painting.

The artists belonging to the modern classical school of Russian painting. multifaceted. Life in Europe, and cultural cooperation has brought a new trend, a new light in their paintings. Fabrics artists are a kind of a mix of European and Russian schools of painting.

Here we can feel and experience the vision of Russian nature eyes of artists who have a unified, not one-side vision of the world, contemplate the picture is the interest of ideological, interesting technical performance, diversity and following the traditional aspects of the world school of painting.

Adrian Osin 2009. (All rights reserved) 2009

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