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Konstantin Korovin. Article of A.S. Lyssenko.

                   Great Russian Impressionist Konstantin Korovin (1861-1939)

... What a pity that how many generations has grown up without the Tretyakov Gallery.  Depends it’s closure for reconstruction in the middle of 1980ths. It was the great opportunity for pupils of M.S.H.S.H .(Moscow Professional Artist Lyceum) to cross 20 metres directly from the entrance to the entrance that to find themselves in Great Museum of Russian Art. With no loss of time and school-pupil’s money.

... Lost opportunities. Interrupted tradition ... Pity ...

When I  visit the Tretyakov Gallery, I preventively look for selective artworks of Artists which I interested in that time.

I study analytically some paints of ones and examines the technology of others.

But when I approach personally to Korovin Art, I sink myself into a kind of contemplation.

Experimental study is useless here. The craftsmanship and artistry in their combination gave rise to the phenomenon by the name of creativity- Konstantin Korovin...

There are a lot of literary materials about Artist, including his own book  diaries.

Yes, really he was man with fragile soul, like a thin string of Paganini violin, sensitive to smallest fluctuations in the ether.

This feature of personality partly explains the illogical logic of his paintings. Inimitable. Therefore there are no chances to qualitatively forged his arts. 

  He was painfully sensitive to words of angry critics, who often called his  paintings as "daubs". And like cartoon named "artist Korovin, paint his picture by his jackboot." 

  Everyone have bad possibility to grieve.   Korovin soul was siked of this. 

  He was nursed and supported by philanthropist Savva Mamontov. Its impossible to divine another development of fate of Korovin in the history of art without Mamontov help. It were much outstanding talented artists in Russia who died in misery, without attention, without any supporting… 

  In another situation of his doom we could look his arts in modern catalogue  "Forgotten names in art” and learned Korovin as " this "artist. 

  But Korovin selected as the outstanding representative of Russian Impressionism.

 His professional identity was not rejected, but it was understood and supported. But not in so worthy measure as it must be.  Korovin died in exile in France after fleeing from the well-known dark events in Russia.

His sensitive heart didn not issued for fear of breaking bombs of World War-II and of disagreement of  world fear come again. 

Eternal memory to Him. 

Personally I am very heartly-open to his Parisian series of paintings.

They looked like a hieroglyph-way words, created with spirite "one brush stroke of

master”, which conditioned only by many years of professional training.


Artist A.S Lysenko. All rights reserved 2008. Link to www.lyssenko.ru required.

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