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Artist Nikolay Fechin about Fine Arts

 In my opinion, it is impossible to restrict the art of any specific requirements, deciding once and for all that art is good and better than he can not. Art, like all our life is subject to the same eternal law of motion. And any attempt to stop it at any level as futile as trying to stop time itself. What man can live? Last? It does not belong to him. This so fleeting, that almost does not exist. There remains only the future, which he actually lives or. rather, to him he's always prepared, trying to anticipate this and follow all the new (bad and good) ideas. Life is impossible without attempting to create and implement anything new. Parents protect their children from new and incomprehensible to them ideas that make a big mistake, as the hook so they disarm them, make them unable to fight for the future, without knowing at the time of the essence for new ideas, they lose the opportunity to properly understand them and make for a proper choice. The life ahead of them. And they remain forever sit between two chairs.

True art can not belong to only one time or one flow. Life itself makes you want her selection, discarding all superfluous. And the selection of the desired life is forever our wise mentor. Experience thus a century of experience outlines our path into the unknown future. Speaking on the theme of art as useless as talking on the theme of love. Always it comes down to personal experience "taste." So. That pretty to me. That not clear to my neighbor. Parents like to bring their children to the actor, asking him to determine the extent of their talent, and some of them want to know the time frame for completion of their abilities. My fourteen-year experience as head of the studio gave me the opportunity to observe the development of so many of my students. There are two characteristic types of development: slow, requires great effort of will and stubborn work, and quick, brilliant, like a beautiful flower blossoming soon, pleasing the eye during flowering, but soon fading and losing all of its appeal. There is no doubt that the first case is more loyal to achieve anything in life. The slow path develops discipline and love of work. Slowly but surely leading man Mr. goal. Failures and hard work left a deep imprint on his memory. So he systematically gather the necessary baggage for its further work, he knows that he could not now be able to post. This course gives him an advantage of growth to continue throughout his life The second case is fast blossoming - bad educates the mind of the artist. Easiness , which gives his work its disaccustoms or discipline. Relying entirely on his natural gift, he disdainfully refers to labor, not monitor their work wisely and quickly depletes reserves of creative energy. The lucky winner of natural talent is easy to forget! That take place in the gift of life God demands unrestricted work. Each beginner artist must remember that the deadline for achieving the perfect does not exist…

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