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Main Exchibitions of A.S.Lyssenko (born1974).

   Here You can look real information about exhibitions of A.S. Lyssenko.


Main exhibitions: Memorials of Russian Architecture 1993 Personal exhibition Valaam Monastery estate in Moscow 1994 Personal exhibition. Exhibition Village of artists of Abramtsevo in Hotkovo 1995 Dinasty of Lyssenko, gallery Zamoskvorechie 1996 Itilian-Rassian creative activity project participant, Torre-Canavese (It) 1997 Spring exhibition of gallery 1998 Zamoskvorechie In Balchug-Kempinsky hotel olor of intellectual capital, 1999 gallery Tvorchestvo Exhibition La Luce di Moska in Milan 2000 3 exhibitions in Central Artists House 2002 5 exhibitions in Central Artists House. 2003 participant of Art-Manege exhibition 2002 More than 10 exhibitions in Central Artists House 2003-2006 Exhibition in Paris 2005 Exhibition Practice of vision. C.A.H. 2006 Exhibition Cielli e le terre della Russia. Italy. Museum Villa San Carlo Borromeo. 2006 Exhibition in France. Normandia. Port Bay. 2007 Exhibition Aspetti contemporanei dell Arte Russa. Italy. Rime. Commune di Formello. 2007 Exhibition-auction. Modern realism 2008 Gallery Sovkom Exhibition. Austria. Vien. Russian Cultural Centre. Gallery Allrus 2008 Participant of Art-Manege exhibition. Gallery Allrus 2008 Personal Exhibition Contrasts of reality. Central Artists House 2009 Exhibition-auction. Gallery Sovkom. Desember. 2009 Exhibition dedicated to Russian writer N. Gogol. Awarded the diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts. 2009. Participant of International Plein Air events in Montenegro. With the support of the foundation"Cultural Heritage" and art-gallery "Nevsky Prospekt" 2009-2010 The exhibition with the support of the foundation "Cultural Heritage" and art-gallery "Nevsky Prospect" in the C.A.H. Moscow. 2010 Personal presentation of Historical-scene composition "Stalingrad". Gallery "The Russian estate." 2011. Series of exhibitions at the gallery "Russian Estate" 2010 2011 Exhibition "Dreams about Montenegro." Art-Gallery "Nevsky Prospekt". C.A.H. 2012 Exhibition Mirel Palette. Gallery Mustart. Moscow. 2013. Exhibition of teachers of Art-College named after V.Vasnetsov. Hotkovo town. 2013. Exhibition Impressions. Gallery Redwood. USA. Artworks by artist Andrey Lyssenko are available in museums and privat collections of Russia, France, Italy, Canada, Holland, USA.
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