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P.P. Chistyakov (1832-1919)
Мысли о живописи
 "Do not ever begin to paint until they invent a good story and decide how you will write."


 "... These are the geniuses who are the brave those guys are smart, ignorant, who, realizing the essence, baking, as they say, right and left. Catch the moment, not learning, can do everything and, of course, getting into the sore spot of good responsive live audience, achieve goals, that is, profit - of course, (they) are not ideal in art. Some giants wholesale trade, or “disturb water”, arrange auctions, smaller - in retail, small things rake.

At 10 yards (canvas) painting in a week as they transcend cover, posting in the expensive golden frame almost a dirty canvas or a piece of handkerchief sex. Dozen more they come, they say, in the year 100 pictures not care for these guys. And poor Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" is not able to finish, finding no type for the head of Jesus Christ. Alexander Ivanov 22 y.o.- one picture he wrote, and even that is not finished. True, these masters were not financiers. But they keep the art world, they are the perfect art, and these thunderous energy ignoramuses bustler declining support, the high holy trampled in the dirt. These fellows need to get a vigorous conscience and not Jack of all trades ".

"... All this, what we're talking bustler these and these people, which they beat, they do not believe a condescending smile and look as naive and eccentric ... a public announcement to, noise, crackle, so the audience on its hind legs to supply and excite her, then she would spread like hot cakes ... and then even if the grass is not growing. And where is the art of something, do it this way is growing and improving? But there is: "Every man has his personal own  hat.” That's true."

"The artist must, in spite of the surroundings and ponder.
He concludes, construction and imprisonment."

"Art is not a real quantity, but quality is measured ... write a lot and bad - leads to the decline of art, and clutters the road, tired of the public.

"Creativity, it should be noted, is based on known data and the rule of law".

"The art of painting, firstly, should examine the nature and, secondly, to learn how to pass it."

"This technique of art is only available to artists, it is relying on science, that is, artists, students of anatomy and perspective - two necessary science to help you rise and flourish of high art. Realism is one based on the ability to look and smear that you see on the proverb "as I can, and shave, is the beginning of decadence, debauchery in the art."

"Beginners can, many, could finish only one who has practiced a lot and right ... in the details of solving the problem."

"Daub the art is not art. This is the beginning. Other smear can, and then can not do anything, he was not an artist because the art is not high that smeared, but the fact that for a given plan is accomplished and completed, and by all accounts completely. "




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