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Мысли о живописи

"They say: artist, study nature! However, it is not a bit - to select a low noble and beautiful - in the formless. "
"In any work of art, great or small, everything to the last detail, depends on the idea."


"Art can not lack anything in the room except the master. Patrons in need of the artist, this is true and good, but this way is not always needed in the art. "

"With me and do occur so far that the work of fine art at first glance do not like me because I'm not old enough to him, but if I hope to remove them this favor, I try to approach it, and then there is no shortage a joyful discovery, I perceive in the objects new properties, and in ourselves - the new capacity. "

"There are also “artists”, amateurs and speculators: the first involved in the art for the sake of entertainment, second - for the sake of profits."

"Art - a serious matter, and it all seriously when engaged in the noble, sacred objects, but the artist is above the art and objects: above the first - because he uses it for his own purposes, higher than the second - as he interprets it on your own footing. "

"Itself is a noble art, so the artist does not fear low. Thus, he takes him, he ennobles, and thus we see how the greatest artists to exercise their sovereign right. "

"Anyone who wants to accuse any of the author of obscurity, must sooner look inside yourself, you have enough light inside himself. At dusk, the most distinct handwriting is unreadable. "

"Anyone who wants to argue, should be careful to speak in this case such a thing, which no one disputes."

"We know the world only in its relationship with the man, we do not want any art, in addition, which is the imprint of this relationship."

"Nature and the idea can not be separated from each other without having to art was not destroyed, just like life."

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