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Leonardo Da Vinchi (1452-1519)
Мысли о живописи

"The first artwork consisted of a single line, which is surrounded by a shadow of a man dropped the sun on the wall."

"As a painting from age to age tends to decline and is lost when the painters do not have a mastermind, except painting already done.
Painting a painter will be a little perfect, carrying it as a mastermind take pictures of others, but if he will learn from the objects of nature, then it will produce good fruit ... "

"Not worthy of the praise that the painter, who does well only one single item, for example - the naked body, head dresses, or animals, or landscapes, or more particularly, for there is such a stupid talent, who, referring to a single things and constantly doing it, would not have done it well "

"The one painter who has no doubts, and achieves little. When the product exceeds the opinion of the creator, then such an artist reaches a little, and when the judge exceeds the product, then this work never ceases to improve, if parsimony did not prevent this.


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