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Lyubov Andreyevna Lysenko
Lyubov Andreyevna Lysenko is a notable expert of still life, national of spirit, innermostly ground. In stilt life she expresses her Love to native land and her undersanding of Russian Life Ideal. Keen siyle, virtuosity of painting turns "rough matter" into "clean poetry". Colour-tone graduations, colouristic refinement of her still lifes charm both connoisseurs of painting and wide circle of spectators in show-rooms and galleries of Russia and Europe.
To brush of Lyubov Lysenko belong also deep, determining The essence of a man itself, portraits. Periodically she paints intriguing, exclusive self-portraits and trustful in intonation landscapes of places dear to her heart, chosen long ago.
The artist was bom and grew up in the Family of famous Russian painter Andrey Lysenko. She finished a rather authoritative Moscow art School named after the 1905th year and world-famous Peters¬burg Academy of Arts.
Lyubov Lysenko is a member of Moscow Union of artists. She is a regular participant of Moscow, international exhibitions. Works of Lyubov Lysenko are in museums and private collections of Russia, are bought by collectioners of Germany, Switzerland, England.
Lyubov Lysenko lives and works in Moscow.
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