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Art of Andrey Lyssenko. (Art Critic B. Shahova).
Andrey Lyssenko’s work is multifaceted. At the turn of centuries an idea of synthesis of various eras artistic experience is very popular, it becomes foundation of his creative search.
The inward life of the artist is full of ideas, colours and light of the images. It agitates and attracts viewers letting them discover this author filling with his mood.
Landscape takes a special place among various genres taken by this painter. These works can be described as a landscape painting where representation of each emotional state resulted by contact with nature’s life is depicted and becomes main feature.
Landscape works created by Lysenko at his country home in Abramtsevo (so-called datcha) are especially significant in this respect. The Vorya river with its curvy banks, deep creeks, woods that surround Abramtsevo, copses, fields that personify calm beauty of a central part of European Russia become the main objects of the painter’s plein air works.
Abramtsev’s landscape works Autumn in Podmoscovye, Russian Landscape, Summer Evening are full of quietism, feeling of perfect silence, calm and serenity.
Thus he depicts just an ordinary view of nature in the painting Evening. After the Rain. In the foreground one can see mirror-like surface of the river with its gently sloping banks. Green foliage of grass and bushes can be seen only by the horizon. Sky is coloured in pale pink with rays of the sunset. The motive is very simple, this very simplicity contains in his poetry translated by means of gradation of colour. Calm colouring gives one the exact feeling of a special silence in nature.

His skill of a plein air painter has gained an accomplished expression in works representing polar states of nature (sunrise-sunset). We can see it in an exquisite chose of color solutions and harmony of tones in the lack of a strong light contrasts. An artistic flair of the painter and talent to depict light-aerial sphere of early evening sun covering bushes and old church with its rays, can be found in his paintings Sunset in Kostyno, Charm of the Sunset, At the Pond.
Author manages to capture the essence of changing nature and transforms it on canvas creating a feeling of liveliness and unusual perception of the landscape.

We cannot dwell on such interesting works of Andrey Lyssenko like Lilies, White lilies and Water Lily. His passion for decorative techinque is noticeable in these works. It is interesting to watch how lily from being a light spot in Mystery of Summer turns into refined flower with wavy petals looking more like a Thai lotus rather than an unassuming water plant from Podmoskovye in White Lilies painting. A moment of decorative processing of natural impressions is present. Balanced combination of decorative and plein air basis in these masterpieces cannot but attract viewer and awake memories of passed epoch of modernist style.

Traveling is another favorite painter’s theme. A bluish mirage of Cyprus, a white sail in turbulent waves, a narrow Paris street with many-colored umbrella-like roofs of cafes with its late visitors – all of these is interesting to attentive painter and his viewer. Andrey Lysenko shares his vision with the viewer by his paintings created when he traveled. A vision of a man who can see Pharaohs’s grand procession in palm trees growing on Egyptian hotel’s territory or just stand motionless on seeing blooming branch of a Japanese cherry tree. Viewer joins in a special game where reality and fantasy interlace between one another. Reflection of this vivid impression is found in picturesque etudes of the painter. His desire to lock in colour everything seen, perceive and comprehend peculiarity of new places draws attention of the viewers.
Easel paintings of Andrey Lyssenko are always a very precise and realistic reproduction of nature and its unique state found in tranquil silver silence of Russian landscapes, always new raging Paris, immortal like the earth sea. The state of nature is passed to the viewer immersing him in the very mood of the painter when he perceives nature and reproduces it on canvas. Lyssenko works are never just a momentary impression at the same time. Each time it seems that we see a real story of the author with his experience and memories in front of us.
Andrey Lyssenko masterpieces are a world of harmony of colors, picturesque energetic, associative ways and well-considered stroke of a paintbrush.
This painter is in the middle of his creative development today. His further creative work may hide many interesting surprises. He draws his paintings in a great need to create beauty and ability to enjoy every day full of creative energy. We would like to strongly believe that viewers will have a will to come back to works of this painter for many times.

Barbara Shakhova, Senior Research Assistant of memorial-estate “Abramtsevo”
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