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Б. В. Иогансон. "За мастерство в живописи"
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Что значит стать мастером-реалистом? Это значит  так овладеть средствами искусства живописи, чтобы они полностью подчинялись воле художника. Воля же его устремлена к наиболее полному выражению содержания, к наиболее яркой  передаче образов героев своего произведения (если это жанр), образа природы (если это пейзаж) и т.д.

Рисунок, живопись, композиция есть только средства выражения. Чем совершеннее владеет ими художник, тем выше его мастерство, тем меньше они - эти средства - доставляют ему хлопот при выражении главного…

Не технические задачи двигают технику живописи, а олицетворение представлений. Оскудевает содержание - понижается и достоинство исполнения.

Konstantin Korovin About Fine Arts

 The workshop is the salvation of the world's meanness, evil and injustice.

Not only that to make the right color tone, it must be skillfully painted on canvas.
That this tone accurately expressed its appointment in given artwork.

The right tone to tone is not advised to take a separate shade and color, cast it on canvas,
not retire to background.

It is necessary not only to copy nature, it must pass deftly, loving, not long wasting time
immediately, just tell. Art should be easy, as Mazini sang, and ready. Never do it with scream and impudence.  Main mission – to propagate the SENSE, MEANING.

Feel the beauty of paint, light-that's what art is expressed little, but truthfully,
right to take it, enjoy free; relationship tones. Tone, tone, truthful and sober-
they are content. It should be subject to search for tone ...

... Must be the most accurate combination of tones. And work out from feelings and passion.
Artist must express amount of impressions and feelings.

Artist Nikolay Fechin about Fine Arts

 In my opinion, it is impossible to restrict the art of any specific requirements, deciding once and for all that art is good and better than he can not. Art, like all our life is subject to the same eternal law of motion. And any attempt to stop it at any level as futile as trying to stop time itself. What man can live? Last? It does not belong to him. This so fleeting, that almost does not exist. There remains only the future, which he actually lives or. rather, to him he's always prepared, trying to anticipate this and follow all the new (bad and good) ideas. Life is impossible without attempting to create and implement anything new. Parents protect their children from new and incomprehensible to them ideas that make a big mistake, as the hook so they disarm them, make them unable to fight for the future, without knowing at the time of the essence for new ideas, they lose the opportunity to properly understand them and make for a proper choice. The life ahead of them. And they remain forever sit between two chairs.

P.P. Chistyakov (1832-1919)
 "Do not ever begin to paint until they invent a good story and decide how you will write."



"They say: artist, study nature! However, it is not a bit - to select a low noble and beautiful - in the formless. "
"In any work of art, great or small, everything to the last detail, depends on the idea."


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