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Main Exchibitions of A.S.Lyssenko (born1974).

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Lyssenko Andrey Stanislavovitch.

Andrey Stanislavovich Lyssenko (1974) born in a family of Moscow dynasty of artists spent his childhood in the oasis of arts in a small artist’s town in Verkhnyaya Maslovka. Artist’s town was a place where such masters as Grabar, Gerasimov, Johanson, Tseytlin and many others had been living and creating their masterpieces. His parents from the early childhood supported his gift for fine art. His grandfather Honoured Russian painter A.G. Lysenko was an outstanding example. Andrey spent much time in grandfather’s studio watching him painting.

Andrey Lyssenko entered Krasin Fine Arts School in 1981. He started to learn professional painting skills there.

Lyubov Andreyevna Lysenko
Lyubov Andreyevna Lysenko is a notable expert of still life, national of spirit, innermostly ground. In stilt life she expresses her Love to native land and her undersanding of Russian Life Ideal. Keen siyle, virtuosity of painting turns "rough matter" into "clean poetry". Colour-tone graduations, colouristic refinement of her still lifes charm both connoisseurs of painting and wide circle of spectators in show-rooms and galleries of Russia and Europe.
To brush of Lyubov Lysenko belong also deep, determining The essence of a man itself, portraits. Periodically she paints intriguing, exclusive self-portraits and trustful in intonation landscapes of places dear to her heart, chosen long ago.
Thereshenko Valentin Stephanovitch.
Artist Valentin Thereshenko was born on 30 June 1941 in a Siberian city of Irkoutsk. His father, Stepan Thereshenko, came of the once well-to-do middle class family from Mogilyov. In 1937 the family was exiled to Siberia. The head of the family, grandfather Tit Gerasimovich, and his elder son Semyon were shot in Siberia in 1938. The artist's mother, Anna Aleksandrovna Volchatova, came of the family of exiled 'starovery' (adherents of the ancient Russian religious beliefs). Her father, Aleksandr Kirikovich Volchatov, was church leader in their village Oyok that was located near Irkoutsk on the Baikal Lake. Her mother was born to the family of Decembrist Komarov-Pechyorskiy sent to life-long exile to Oyok village after having served fifteen years in hard labour in Nerchinsk town.
Lyssenko Andrey Gavriilovitch.
The year nineteen sixteen. On July 16, in the village of Sandat, in the Rostov region, in the house of Gavril Lyssenko, Cossack of the Don, and of his wife Arina, their first child was born.
When the priest came for the baptism, he imposed the name of Andrej on him in accordance with the ecclesiastic calendar and in honour of Rublev, the great painter of the famous Trinity,. After having prayed and wishing the newly born and his parents a long life, the priest added: "He'll become a painter".
Ever since he was a Child -the neighbours remember him taking charcoal from the stove, and using it to draw on the white walls of his home figures of animals and humans.
His father a gallant soldier and a knight of the Order of Saint George-wanted his son to become a soldier too. Since his childhood, he taught him to ride and to use a sword. And his mother, who was a fine singer and a fine painter, transferred the love for art on him and, despite the difficulty of the years following the revolution, she bought him pencils and colours.
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