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Art of Russian Landscape painting by A.G. Lyssenko

This work is devoted to the creative heritage of the honored artist of Russia Andrei Lysenko Gavrilovic. He is the author of numerous historical paintings, which reflect his impressions of the heroic events of our country. No less interesting is another lyrical side of his art - landscape and portrait painting. Art Lysenko is widely known in this country and abroad. 

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Author art-ES Lysenko. All rights reserved 2008.

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Exchibition of Lyssenko-Tereshenko in Vienna. March 2009.
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Contrasts of Modernity
Speed and transcendence of life metropolis ... That are contrasts. tinum gleam of success, psychology of victory, on the other hand, some loss of connection with the word-wide life, running on the asphalt, without vision of the natural space.
Konstantin Korovin. Article of A.S. Lyssenko.

                   Great Russian Impressionist Konstantin Korovin (1861-1939)

... What a pity that how many generations has grown up without the Tretyakov Gallery.  Depends it’s closure for reconstruction in the middle of 1980ths. It was the great opportunity for pupils of M.S.H.S.H .(Moscow Professional Artist Lyceum) to cross 20 metres directly from the entrance to the entrance that to find themselves in Great Museum of Russian Art. With no loss of time and school-pupil’s money.

... Lost opportunities. Interrupted tradition ... Pity ...

When I  visit the Tretyakov Gallery, I preventively look for selective artworks of Artists which I interested in that time.

I study analytically some paints of ones and examines the technology of others.

But when I approach personally to Korovin Art, I sink myself into a kind of contemplation.

Experimental study is useless here. The craftsmanship and artistry in their combination gave rise to the phenomenon by the name of creativity- Konstantin Korovin...

Impression of Light. Prof. A.Vergilione about A.G.Lyssenko.
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