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Article of Anna Baskakova.

An impressionist of the XXI century

Andrey Lysenko, a Moscow painter, descends from a painting dynasty which can be traced back to the beginning of the XX century. His grandfather, a painter, studied at Surikov Institute, his father and mother, at the Academy of Arts in Leningrad. ‘I had no doubt about my future occupation’, says Andrey, ‘I grew up in my parents’ studio among the smell of oils and diluent. I was sure that painting was my destiny. Both father and mother had taught me to paint and had ruled me since my childhood. My grandfather had never been a teacher. He was a man of peculiar temper, a creative person. I became his only follower. He tried to impart what he had been taught by his teachers (Igor Grabar, Aristarkh Lentulov, Boris Ioganson) to me. Being a religious person, he, nevertheless, believed in a communist future in an innocent, childish way and painted sincere beautiful works. I have inherited almost everything from him, apart from the ideology. His style, which can be defined as “realism-impressionism”, is characterized by the minimalist line and expression; it is based on a very precise drawing without distorting the form. I paint in oils as he did, there are no particular reasons for it; I do it simply because I have been using oils since my childhood. These paints are in tune with me.

Controllable Dream. (Dr. Dorozhkin).
Guided Dream
I was sitting in the cafeteria in the Central House of Artists and was drinking coffee when a tall dark-haired figure approached me. The head was sailing apart from the figure and was vague.’ Hi! There’s a thing to discuss,’ said the figure in a deep voice. This voice filled the whole cafeteria and sounded as a number of bass guitars. The figure took a seat opposite me. The black-haired head was in its place now and I scrutinized all the details of the creature: high cheek-bones, brown eyes and large hands on the table. A light grey aura of the creature was a sign of its good health and intentions. The bass vibrations continued to fill the room. My voice resembled abrupt passages of a tenor saxophone. When our duet came to an end, I decided to stop meditating. When I came up onto the surface of my consciousness, I saw my old pal Andrey Lysenko, a painter, and heard the end of our conversation, ‘ … It’s all settled. Ok.’ He shook my hand, excused himself saying that he had loads of things to do and left. ‘We might have agreed on something,’ I surmised and continued to meditate.
article about art of Thereschenko. V.S.
A. Boldman.
A creative impulse inheres in Andrey Lyssenko’s painting. It can be seen in his skill to create something new, original, and inspiring not out of nothing, but on the basis of something that has existed. Before a picture materializes, in the soul of the painter with the help of some special life-giving force the impulse of the art itself should arise like an inner voice.
This time artists of dynasty Lyssenko-Thereshenko works on new pictures, interior frescos and exhibitions projects.
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