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Monastery foundation.Покаяние разбойника Опты и его банды. 120/100 см. Холст-масло. 2010-2012 гг.

Автор : Andrey Lyssenko. Андрей Лысенко | Просмотров : 558
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Monastery foundation.Покаяние разбойника Опты и его банды. 120/100 см. Холст-масло. 2010-2012 гг.
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Описание: Картина про начало основания монастыря- Оптиной Пустыни. "Repentance by Russian mobster Opta and his gang". This painting was my “Russian secret project” for last two years. This quite unknown and chamber subject is the key for long tunnel of Russian history. Explanation of topic is: In end of 17th century, near 400 km far from Moscow lived an ascetic hermit san.Gerasim Boldinsky. http://www.vyazmablago.ru/saints/3 Really it was in that famous “Boldinsky forest” where Great Pushkin written his famous poems less than 100 years after.... Miracle place.... So San Gerasim was master of prayer, hesychasm, goodness and exorcism. But… in opposite side of forest the terrible gang of mobsters lived. It was famous band. Name of main gangster was Opta. http://www.optina-pustin.ru/osnovatel-optinoy-pustyni-opta.html There're many folk songs were written about that gang. Even great Russian singer Feodor Chalyapin ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feodor_Chaliapin ) performed the song about it as “The song about 12 mobsters and their ataman”. But it happensd some changes in one day. Gangster Opta tired to spill the blood, tired to do evil. He decided to change his conception of life, to leave crime. So one early morning mobsters come to forest monastery of St. Gerasim with hope of repentance and rethinking of their life. Really they done their light plan. Mobster Opta became the monk, he went in deep forest for prayer and asketism. He became as ideal of goodness, people hear about it and went to Opta for request of prayer and wise advises. Some years later it was founded the monastery named “Optina Wilderness” . This is one of greatest and famous Russian Orthodoxy monasteries for now http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optina_Monastery This monastery never been only as “house of monks”, it became the center of Russian culture and place for meeting representatives of Russian cultural elite. Here lived and founded for inspiration many famous writers and poets- Dstoevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Leskov, Gogol, Turgenyev, Esenin; and great musician- composers as Tchaykovsky, Rubinshteyn, Chalyapin, Rachmaninov; famous painters as Bolotov, Tatlyn, Bruny, Kiselyev, Nesterov. Complete list of famous piligrims-art persons is here http://fotopalomnik.livejournal.com/10167.html Also the monastery http://www.optina.ru/ became a center of education, book- publishing and philanthropy. In time of Russian communist revolution 1917 the monastery was destroyed and closed by communistic bands. Monks were executed or removed to GULAG prison. In end of 1980 years, after falling communist dictatorship the monastery was opened again. Now this is wonderful spiritual oasis situated in paintfull and high ecology place. Where ancient spiritual and cultural traditions are continued with inspiration and use for all who touch and contact this great space.
ENG name : Repentance by robber Opta and his gang. (History of Optina monastery). 120-100 cm. (47/40 inches).
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